IP Camera Recorder

Got IP Cameras?
It’ll Monitor & Record on Mac or Windows!

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The Recorder runs on a standard Apple Mac or Microsoft Windows PC. Its streamlined and clutter-free design makes it extremely easy-to-use. It is packed with advanced features to assist you with all your video surveillance needs.

MULTI-CAMERA MONITORING AND RECORDING from up to 20 cameras, installed at different sites, simultaneously.

It automatically discovers IP Cameras on your network to simplify setting it up.

It starts automatically within seconds of turning on your Mac or Windows, does not require a manual launch or even for you to be logged-in.

Recording modes include: “Always”, during a customized schedule, or based on motion, or both. Turn desired features on or off to fit your needs.

BUILD YOUR OWN VIDEO LAYOUTS to accommodate and organize large number of cameras.

The Recorder comes with multiple layout templates to let you monitor all your camera’s video on one screen. It can display video in 1×2 grid, 2×2 grid, 3×3 grid, 4×4 grid.

It also allows you to create and use your own custom layout templates.

Tabs allow you to put cameras in groups. For example: setup one tab for your home cameras and another tab for your office cameras. You can switch between these groups in one click.

CUSTOMIZE MOTION DETECTION WITH REGIONS to save your storage space and your time.

The build-in motion detection works for any IP Camera model. The Motion Detection functionality is activated automatically once you add a camera.

The Recorder can monitor for motion the entire camera view or specific areas only and ignore the rest.

You can customize motion detection based on your needs by defining monitoring zones and motion intensity. You can configure to record video that triggered alert with higher frame rate.

The Recorder alerts you instantly when it detects motion. You can configure to receive alerts on your iPhone and/or e-mail only during the time you are away.

Review recorded video and events effortlessly using one-click replay.

CONTROL YOUR PTZ (PAN, TILT, ZOOM) CAMERAS directly from your Mac, PC, iPhone/iPad apps.

Some IP Cameras models support PTZ functionality: a user can Pan, Tilt or Zoom
the camera and control PTZ presets. The Recorder can automatically detect PTZ cameras.

You can control your PTZ cameras directly from your Mac, PC, iPhone/iPad apps. Note: PTZ presets must be configured on the camera before they can be used by the app.

Your iPhone/iPad app becomes a multi-camera PTZ controller that you carry in your pocket.

Digital PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) is available for any camera model.

MANAGING YOUR STORAGE LOCATION is easy. The Recorder provides smart managing the computer’s hard drive resources. It scans and displays all available storage locations for you to choose from, monitors the selected storage location for available storage space and displays it’s status.

You can also configure to record video to your external hard drive(s).

If needed, UPLOAD TO REMOTE LOCATIONS is available. The Recorder can automatically upload video to a remote FTP Server.

You can quickly setup FTP upload to keep a copy of your video events. Even if your recorder is stolen or damaged, the important video can still be found on your FTP Server.

SEARCH YOUR VIDEO effortlessly.

The Recorder organizes all recorded video and motion events from a camera into an intuitive graphical timeline. Save your time with one-click replay. It takes only seconds to find and review your video.

The Recorder provides easy export of movies or snapshots.

REMOTELY ACCESS AND MONITOR your video surveillance system from anywhere in the world!

Control your PTZ cameras, review live, recorded video and events remotely from another Mac or PC, iPhone/iPad apps on the network using secure channel.

Receive alerts on your iPhone and/or e-mail only during the time you are away.

Make your iPhone/iPad app a multi-camera PTZ controller you can carry in your pocket.


Have more than one location to protect? With complementary remote access you can now connect to and monitor all your DComplex IP Camera Recorders from one computer.

It doesn’t get any better that this.