7 thoughts on “IP Camera Viewer 1.40 for Mac is released

    • Hi William,
      Thank you for your note.
      Apparently, Avermedia EB/EH is a not an IP Camera, but a Network Video Recorder instead. It is somewhat similar to our IP Camera Viewer product.
      We recommend you to use the IP Camera Viewer to monitor your IP Cameras directly, without going through the extra configuration of setting up the Avermedia EB/EH.
      Would it work for you?

  1. i would like to install your app on 10.6.8 but app store states that 10.7 is needed.
    too bad i cant be your customer

  2. Nice App.
    How come it won’t work on Snow Leopard and before?
    I just installed an older iMac that will not upgrade to Lion at a non profit animal shelter along with a bunch of Foscam cameras. Your app. would be much better than using Firefox or Safari to view them.

  3. Is it possible to change the default record hard drive from Movies to any external HD?

  4. I love that IP camera viewer is so easy to set up. I really like the intuitive interface and the simplicity of navigation. This is easily one of the nicest, fully featured, least expensive IP camera handles for MAC I’ve come across. However, I’m holding out on buying camera licenses until the wanscam is configured as a pan and tilt camera and a two way audio source.

    Very nice work, thanks.