First, find the address of your Mac computer running the Recorder as described in How to control IP Camera Recorder remotely from another Mac?

Then, on your PC: launch a Web Browser and enter the address, as shown below. Note: enter your address instead of the example "ig-24.local"

Web Browser access 

For secure access, use the secure protocol HTTPS as described in How to connect to IP Camera Recorder remotely?

In this case, in the Browser's address bar, instead of http, enter https and instead of 9001, enter 9002. See below:

Secure Web Browser access 

Note: by default, IP Camera Recorder uses a free HTTPS/SSL certificate. Browsers complain about it as shown above. Click the links inside the red ellipses to continue.

The free HTTPS ceriticates provides the same level of encryption as the paid certificates. The paid HTTPS certificates are available from many Internet providers, such as Go Daddy SSL Certificates 

If you want to switch to the paid HTTPS certificates instead of the ones used by the Recorder in the default configuration, contact DComplex for instructions.