Version 6 of IP Camera Viewer for Mac is available at Viewer Downloads

IP Camera Viewer for Mac complies with Apple Sandbox technology. Basically, Apple came up with a technology (Sandbox) that limits the amount of damage a hacker can do if he exploits vulnerabilities of an app. In particular, Apple Sandbox prevents IP Camera Viewer 6 from accessing any files outside of its home folder (~/Library/Containers/com.dcomplex.mac.ipcameraviewer6). So, if hypothetically a hacker found a way to attack Viewer, he still will not be able to use it to see your emails, your other documents and etc.

If you wish to import settings from Version 5, you have to manually copy the settings from Version 5 as explained below.

Note: if you already have Version 6 installed: this will remove all video recorded by version 6 and replace it by video recorded by Version 5.

  1. Upgrade your License Key(s) at the Purchase History
  2. Make sure both IP Camera Viewer 5 and 6 are closed.
  3. On your Mac: launch the Finder app and use Go -- Go To Folder menu item.
  4. Enter folder name ~/Library/Containers and click Go button.
  5. In the folder, find and remove subfolder com.dcomplex.mac.ipcameraviewer6 if present.
  6. Rename subfolder com.dcomplex.mac.ipcameraviewer5 to com.dcomplex.mac.ipcameraviewer6.
  7. Launch IP Camera Viewer 6, find your License Key(s) in Settings, the License tab and click the Activate button on each key.