In most cases the size of those recorded video files is not important, because:

  • Whenever you need to playback recorded video, simply click the Search tab and select the camera and time that you wish to see. Recorder will find the relevant recorded video files and will play it back seamlessly in the Search window. There is no need to know which particular files it loads for playback.
  • If you need to export a particular event (regardless if it is a few seconds or few hours long): simply use the Export menu in the Search window. Again: Recorder will find the relevant 1-min files automatically and will concatenate them as needed to create the exported video file.
  • See a screenshot of the Search window below
Video Search

If this is not sufficient, use our Export Actions. It allows to periodically (daily or monthly) export all recorded video into large video volumes. For daily exports: each exported video file will contain 24 hours of video.

Use the main menu item Tools -> Export Actions to setup automatic export for all desired cameras.

Export Actions