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DComplex IP Camera Recorder

DComplex IP Camera Viewer, a Mac app, will assist you with all your IP Camera(s) monitoring needs.

The app runs on Apple Mac computers. Its streamlined and clutter-free design makes it extremely easy-to-use. It is incredibly simple to connect to many popular IP Camera brands.

The app is a powerful tool packed with advanced features including multiple layouts, motion detection and audio monitoring (selected camera brands).

It is best suited for video monitoring. The app provides some limited recording capabilities as well.

  • Easy-to-use and responsive user interface
  • Remote monitoring of your IP Cameras
  • Monitor up to 8 IP Cameras
  • Simultaneous display of multiple cameras
  • Control PTZ
  • Digital PTZ
  • Multiple Layouts
  • Motion Detection for ANY camera model
  • Recording Video on Schedule, or Events only
  • Search Recorded Video with Time Line & Export functionalities
  • Email or save screenshot from a camera


  • Username/password protection for each IP Camera