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Product IP Camera Viewer IP Camera Recorder
Description live video monitoring from your cameras
using our app on your Mac or PC
full IP Camera Viewer functionality
+ background video recording
+ remote access from your iPhone, other Mac and PC
Pricing $14.99 per camera $39.99 per camera
Buy Buy
Requirements macOS X 10.12-10.15 or Windows 10
Download for Mac/Windows Download Download
Running  You must log-in to your Mac and launch the app manually. No log-in to your computer is necessary. The software runs in the background automatically and records video when your computer is running.
IP Camera Security
User Name & Password
HTTPS Support
Video Channels Unlimited Up to 30
 On Schedule
On Event
Video Storage
Main Disk
Additional Internal Disks
External Disks
Network Storage/NAS
Capacity Unlimited: Depends only on computer’s storage capacity
Motion Detection
iPhone notification on motion
e-mail snapshot on motion
Local √ (Mac Client App or Web Client)
Remote (Mac) √ (Mac Client App or Web Client)
Remote (Windows) √ (Web Client )
Remote (iPhone, iPad)
Multiple Cameras
PTZ & Digital PTZ
Audio √ (Selected Camera Models)
Video Search
Continuous Video
Time Line
Export Images & movies Images & movies
IP Camera Viewer IP Camera Recorder