New! IP Camera Cloud 1.0 for Mac!

We are very excited to present our latest and greatest video surveillance solution for Mac – DComplex IP Camera Cloud 1.0!

The IP Camera Cloud is built on our amazing IP Camera Recorder. It makes the IP Camera Cloud as sophisticated and features packed as our reliable IP Camera Recorder.

The IP Camera Cloud includes integration of the DComplex Cloud servers. The integration of Cloud servers automates all remote connections between your iPhone/iPad or other Macs. Now, reviewing of any video remotelly from iPhone/iPad or other Macs going to be a breeze. No port forwarding nor dyndns complexities are required anymore.

The IP Camera Cloud provides optional Cloud storage at your disposal. Now, you can store video from your cameras for up to 30 days on our DComplex Cloud servers safely, access it remotely from anywhere and anytime, even if your Mac that recorded the video is broken or is stolen.

The IP Camera Cloud works with all our existing IP Camera models and more.

Download the Free 7-Days Trial to see how easy it is to monitor your IP Cameras today.

FAQ: How to setup IP Camera Cloud on Mac?

New! IP Camera Recorder works on Microsoft Windows platform!

We are excited to announce the beta release of our best product IP Camera Recorder for Microsoft platform!

We believe that everyone should have the ability to secure their home and business. With our new addition, everyone who has a PC or a Mac and IP Cameras can have a modern surveillance solution!

We are proud to provide you with the same rich functionality and operational experience for both (PC and Mac) worlds. You can record video from your IP Cameras on your PC or Mac and watch the video from anywhere on the network.


Download the Free 30-Days Trial to see how easy it is to monitor your IP Cameras today.

FAQ: How to Setup Recorder on Windows?

IP Camera Recorder 2 Supports More IP Camera Models

The newly released second generation of DComplex IP Camera Recorder has support for 155 IP Camera manufacturers and hundreds of models now.

The following list displays 79 just added IP Camera manufacturers.

3S Absolutron American Dynamics Apexis Arevita
Asoni Avigilon BiKal Borsche Cadyce
Camtron Cellinx Citrox CoreTec D-max
Dallmeier DB-Power Digicom Ever Gen Security
General Vision Genius GKB Grandstream GRUNDIG
Honeywell Hunt Electronics i3 International IDS Ikegami
iLink Impath iNAXSYS Ingrasys Innovative Security Designs
IONodes iTech KT&C LS Technology Merit Lilin
Micro Digital Milesight MMPC Nuvico Oncam
OpenEye Point Grey Promelit Pumatronix Quaddrix
Riva SafeSky Scallop Imaging Siera SinoCam
SMAX StoreNet Super Circuits Surip Tiensun
Topica Topview Trendnet TT Ubiquiti
Vgsion Vicon VideoIQ Videolarm VisionDigi
Visionhitech VisionXip Vista Weisky Weldex
Wision XTE Xvision Yudor

IP Camera Recorder optimization and functionality improvements

We are continuously working on IP Camera Recorder optimization and functionality improvements.

Since February 12, 2013 (IP Camera Recorder version 1.33) the following parts were optimized:

ver 1.53 Hard drive resources – the Recorder uses less hard drive resources now
ver 1.46 Startup time – the Recorder starts within seconds now, as opposed to minutes in some multi-camera configurations


Since February 12, 2013 (IP Camera Recorder version 1.33) the following parts were improved:

ver 1.58 Support for ONVIF-Compatible cameras – most cameras are ONVIF-Compatible now; try to add your cameras as ONVIF if other options fail.
ver 1.57 Auto-detection of multiple IP Camera Recorders on the local network – easier to manage multiple Recorders from one Mac now
ver 1.52 Email Notifications – the Recorder supports AOL email now
iPhone Motion Detection Notifications – the Recorder can be set up to notify iPhone only during specific time and only from selected cameras now
ver 1.45 Web Client
ver 1.33 Video Export window

More IP Camera Models are Supported

We are working on supporting more IP Camera models.

Since February 12, 2013 (IP Camera Recorder version 1.33) the following IP Camera models and manufactures are supported:

ver 1.58 Improved support for ONVIF-Compatible cameras. Most cameras are ONVIF-Compatible now. Try to add your cameras as ONVIF if other options fail.
H.264 codec for Avtech, Basler, Toshiba and Truen IP Cameras
ver 1.57 H.264 codec for ACTi, Arecont Vision, Axis and X-10 Airsight IP Cameras
ver 1.56 IPCC, Swann, TP-Link, Vitek, Wanscam and X-10 Cameras
ver 1.51 Tenvis IP Cameras, including H.264 Camera: IPROBOT 3
ver 1.50 Foscam FI9802 H264 and VStarCam IP Cameras
ver 1.48 H.264 codec for Foscam FI9821 IP Camera
ver 1.45 Axis, IPUX and Linksys IP Cameras
ver 1.43 Dahua, HikVision, Instar and Messoa IP Cameras
ver 1.39 Sony IP Cameras
ver 1.36 Cohu, JVC, Panasonic, Vilar, Wansview, Y-Cam and Zavio IP Cameras
ver 1.33 Maginon, Sitecom, 7Links and Foscam FI9821 IP Cameras

All supported IP Cameras