More IP Camera Models are Supported

We are working on supporting more IP Camera models.

Since February 12, 2013 (IP Camera Recorder version 1.33) the following IP Camera models and manufactures are supported:

ver 1.58 Improved support for ONVIF-Compatible cameras. Most cameras are ONVIF-Compatible now. Try to add your cameras as ONVIF if other options fail.
H.264 codec for Avtech, Basler, Toshiba and Truen IP Cameras
ver 1.57 H.264 codec for ACTi, Arecont Vision, Axis and X-10 Airsight IP Cameras
ver 1.56 IPCC, Swann, TP-Link, Vitek, Wanscam and X-10 Cameras
ver 1.51 Tenvis IP Cameras, including H.264 Camera: IPROBOT 3
ver 1.50 Foscam FI9802 H264 and VStarCam IP Cameras
ver 1.48 H.264 codec for Foscam FI9821 IP Camera
ver 1.45 Axis, IPUX and Linksys IP Cameras
ver 1.43 Dahua, HikVision, Instar and Messoa IP Cameras
ver 1.39 Sony IP Cameras
ver 1.36 Cohu, JVC, Panasonic, Vilar, Wansview, Y-Cam and Zavio IP Cameras
ver 1.33 Maginon, Sitecom, 7Links and Foscam FI9821 IP Cameras

All supported IP Cameras