IP Camera Recorder 1.10 is released

We have released the next version of our IP Camera Recorder solution for Mac OS X! Turn your Mac into a Video Surveillance system with ease! We support many popular IP Camera models.

This version fixes a number of bugs and adds following new features. We strongly recommend everyone to upgrade to this version.

  • iPhone/iPad client allows you to monitor the Recorder remotely
  • Integration with IP Cameras made by CNB and EyeSpy247
  • Added Auto-Detection: Now you can find your IP Camera Recorder from an iPhone, the Mac Client or the Web Client (in Safari), even if you do not know the address of your recorder
  • Now you can create your own layout templates. Want to watch one camera in a large window and 5 cameras in small windows around it? No problem.

Download the free 30-day trial of IP Camera Recorder now to see how it can simplify your video surveillance tasks.